Jack’s Quick Guide To Sell Your House FAST!

Need to sell your house quickly but put off by the thought of estate agents and viewers tramping through your home? Follow Jack’s quick guide to selling your house fast.

There is an alternative to the traditional route when it comes to selling your home. You can use one of the many house buying companies that offer to buy your house so that you’re not at the mercy of a brokerage franchise or paying huge fees to agents and solicitors. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Decide How Quickly You Need To Sell Your Home.

Most house buying companies can complete the purchase of your house within just a few weeks. If you need to sell sooner than that, just say so; they can normally arrange a quicker purchase. If you’re selling your house because you’re relocating unexpectedly or because you’re in financial difficulty, set a realistic timetable and ask the company if they can keep to it.Sell your house

  1. Decide How Much You Will Accept For Your Home.

You may not get the full retail price for your property as you would buy using a real estate agent, but you also don’t have to pay the high real estate agent commissions typically charged and the whole process is quicker which means you also save on mortgage and bill payments. Look at the current market value of properties like yours in the same area and decide how much you’re willing to accept from a specialist buyer, bearing in mind the other savings you are likely to make.

  1. Talk To The House Buying Companies Directly.

Always try to talk to the house buying companies rather than just contacting them over the internet. Talking to them gives you a much better idea about how they approach the sale. You can also take this opportunity to ask any questions about the process and to make sure that you can use your own attorney to check the contract and that you won’t be asked to commit on the spot.

  1. Meet With The House Buying Specialist.

Most house buying companies will send someone to view your house. This allows them to give you an accurate and fair valuation and also gives you the opportunity to ask any further questions.

  1. Come To An Agreement On The Sale.

Once you’ve been given a valuation, you will normally have a set period in which to think about whether you want to agree to the sale. If you decide to go ahead, it’s a good idea to get an independent attorney to look at the contract before you sign. Make sure you know if there are any additional costs you must pay, and when you will receive the money. Also find out when you will be expected to vacate the property and whether the company can help you find other accommodations.

Selling your house quickly is as easy as these five steps and can be accomplished in as little as 3-4 weeks, making it ideal for people in a wide range of circumstances, including those going through a divorce or bereavement or those who are in financial difficulty.

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