foreclosure scams

Foreclosure Scams – Beware Of Scams Like These

Foreclosure scams in Orlando have picked up in recent years. As you now, foreclosures over the past 5 years have been at record levels.  Just like with anything, when there’s an opportunity or when there’s people in pain… the dishonest and unscrupulous people in the world tend to come out of the dark shadows to … Continued
housing recovery

Case-Shiller shows housing recovery weaker than thought

Case-Shiller shows housing recovery weaker than thought The new Case-Shiller house price index is a substantial improvement on its predecessors because it offers a monthly read, and that monthly read shows that the housing recovery and prices have actually been dropping, rather than just slowing in gains, according to Capital Economics. The revised look at housing … Continued
real estate investor

Real Estate Investors Discuss Buying Hot Spots

Real Estate Investors Discuss Buying Hot Spots With so many single-family distressed homes out there on the market, real estate investors are aware of the need to choose carefully which homes to buy – and it’s more than just the house itself that figures into the equation when buyers are making that determination.  A panel of … Continued
real estate trends

Real Estate Trends: Why You Should Ignore Them

Many people tend to get caught up in the real estate trends reported in magazines, newspapers and on television. This is a mistake of the highest order. Real Estate Trends: Why You Should Ignore Them In this age of Google, you can learn almost everything on a particular subject. While access to information is usually a … Continued
for sale by owner

For Sale By Owner Steps to Success

For Sale By Owner Steps to Success Should I sell my house For Sale By Owner? Many people believe that in order to get the best price for their home they need to sell it themselves. Why pay thousands of dollars to a broker for a job that they can do themselves? Even though close … Continued
foreclosure help

Foreclosure Help

Foreclosure help and saving your home can be daunting.  It’s easy to feel helpless when facing foreclosure, but it does not have to be that way. There are things that you can do during foreclosure process to convince the bank to allow you keep your home.  Try to work with your lender if you are … Continued
sell my expensive home

How Do I Sell my Expensive Home?

You’ve lived in your house for years and taken pride in with numerous improvements. Now it is overvalued and you’re wondering, “How do I sell my expensive home?” How Do I Sell My Expensive Home? When asking yourself “how do I sell my expensive home, there are two scenarios in which the issue comes up. … Continued
selling your home

Selling Your Home: 5 Money Saving Tips

Selling Your Home: 5 Money Saving Tips Your home is undoubtedly the most valuable asset for the vast majority of us and selling your home can cost thousands of dollars. Using the money saving tips in this article should help you reduce the cost of selling your home. Real Estate agent commissions and fees vary, … Continued
orlando home sales

Creative Ways To Sell Your Orlando House Yourself

If you’re like most people, the thought of thinking of creative ways to sell your Orlando house can be positively daunting. First of all, there are usually plenty of things to do just to get it ready for the market. Besides the traditional clean-up, paint-up, fix-up chores that invariably wind up costing more than you … Continued
selling your home

Sell Your Orlando House On Your Own: Why It’s Never Been Easier

Deciding to sell your Orlando house can be exhilarating, confusing, stressful and depressing all at about the same time. Selling it on your own you can double that anxiety unless you have a plan. Help ease some of those reactions by doing your housework before you make that life-altering decision to move. I have spent … Continued